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Drug Enforcement Administration Training Center/

DEA Training Center Master Plan Expansion

Justice Department

Quantico, VA

Michael Jones was the Design Principal for the original 170,000 sq. ft. training center, located adjacent to the FBI Training Center at Quantico and subsequently collaborated on the programming and design of the proposed campus master plan expansion.


The Training Center contains a series of separate, secure and identifiable facilities within a singular complex:  offices, training center, student dormitories, international conference room with simultaneous translation, cafeteria, armory and central stores.


The original building scheme created a singular building containing a variety of elements:  office block with entry, classroom block with 3-story atrium and dormitory wing.  Sited to straddle a hilltop, students arriving in buses arrive at the dorm wing; visitors and employees enter via a secure lobby, atop a paved triangular entry court.  The court, which is used for graduation ceremonies, is situated above the armory, central stores and cafeteria. 


Classrooms vary in size from 12 to 60 stations in flat floor and tiered seating configurations.  State-of-the-art electronics are incorporated throughout the building and data connections are included within each dormitory room.


The master plan builds on this conception, expanding the original dormitory building in a fishhook shape containing the elevated plaza and placing complementary facilities adjacent to and north of the original classroom/office building.  New buildings include a services center, physical training/fitness facility including indoor pool and exercise areas and a new 1,000+ car parking garage with lower level indoor firing range. 


Training Center with Ellerbe Becket

Master Plan with EDAW/AECOM

training center design:  1993-95

built:                           1998

master plan design:      2009