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New York State Psychiatric Institute

New York State Office of Mental Health

New York, New York

NYPI is one of the world’s premier psychiatric research institutions.  Second only to the National Institutes of Mental Health in the number of inpatient beds it provides, NYPI was housed in outdated facilities constructed in the 1920's.  Located adjacent to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, the new 380,000 sq.ft. (35,000 square meters) inpatient and outpatient psychiatric research facility provides new, state-of-the-art patient, clinical, teaching and research space.

 Situated adjacent to the George Washington Bridge in upper Manhattan and flanked on three sides by major roadways, the building creates a new landmark upon entry into the City.  To maintain sightlines to the Hudson River from above Riverside Drive, the building’s height was limited to 90’ and six stories.  Research laboratories are located on the north side of the building with mechanical equipment serving these labs within the screened penthouse immediately above.  48 inpatient beds, outpatient clinics and administrative offices are located on the south.  The library and Board Room open onto rooftop terraces.  At the center of the building are an auditorium, employee dining area and the 110’ high atrium.  Two stories of employee parking are provided beneath the building.  Bridges, six stories above Riverside Drive, connect to existing NYPI and Columbia Presbyterian’s Milstein Pavilion to allow movement between the three buildings.

With Peter Pran with Ellerbe Becket
Structural Engineers:  SSVK, Inc.
MEP Engineers:  SSVK, Inc.

design:  1991-95

built:     1996-98